Institutes and Research Centers
CollegeName of InstituteFocus of Research

College of Chemical and Material Engineering
Research Institute of  Chemical EngineeringFluorosilicone   Electronic Chemicals; Specialty Papaer Green Production Technology; Process   Intensification and Separation Technology
Research   Institute of
Environmental Engineering
Water   Pollution Control and Resource Utilization;
Soil Environmental Pollution Process Control and Remediation
Research   Institute of
Material Engineering
Fluorosilicon   Advanced Materials; 2-D Funcational    Materials;
Electronic Chemicals and Materials; New Energy Materials
College of Mechanical EngineeringKey Laboratory of Air-driven Equipment Technology of Zhejiang ProvinceGas compression technique;  Optimization   technology of air-driven equipment; Status monitoring and fault diagnosis technology of air-driven equipment; High efficiency and precision of key parts and special processing technology of air-driven equipment
Research   Institute of Hydrodynamic TechniqueGas   Compression Technique; Fluid Transfer Technology; Electro-hydraulic Control   Technology
Research   Institute of Digital Design and Intelligent ManufacturingSustainable   Design and Reliability Analysis; Digital Design and Product Innovation; Intelligent Manufacturing Technology
Research   Institute of Hydrodynamic
Precision   Machining of Materials; Metal Material Forming and Joining;
Intelligent Material Detection Technology
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Joint Center for Ancient 

Engineering Protection and Prevention and Control of Geological Hazards

Ancient Engineering Protection
Center   for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering of Quzhou (QZU   Sub-center) Building Industrialization; Urban Water Environmental System
Quzhou   Industry University Research Center for Construction Industrialization and Sponge CityEngineering Testing
College of Electrical and Information EngineeringResearch Institute of Artificial Intelligence and ApplicationsComputer   Vision; Image Processing; IoT Technology;
Data Mining; Expert System
Research Institute of  Intelligent Manufacturing Modification;   Design and Development of Automatic Inspection;
Big Data Analysis and Process Optimization; Machine Vision Detection;
Design and Optimization of Mechanical Parts;
Intelligent Flight Technology Service
Research   Institute of Computer ApplicationsComputer   Graphics; Non-photorealistic Rendering; Digital Watermarking;
Medical Image Processing and Analysis; Computer Network;
Data Mining; Computer Application Technology
Research   Institute of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent SystemsIntelligent   Computing; Big Data Analysis and Processing; Intelligent
Upgrading of Products; Intelligent Monitoring of Enterprise Equipment;   
Development and Upgrading of ERP, MES and Other Systems;
Remote Online Operation and Maintenance
Research   Institute of  Intelligent Detection   TechnologyIntelligent   Instruments; Optical Fiber Sensing Technology; High Power Laser Technology; Detection Technology and Automation Device
Research   Istitute of Intelligent Control and SystemsMulti-objective   Optimization and Decision-making of Complex Systems; Industrial Process   Control; Intelligent Control Technologies
Institute of IoT Technology and Application Circuit   Design of Sensors; IoT System Development; Application Software Development;  Three-dimensional Vision and Robot Three-dimensional Guidance.
College of BusinessQuzhou Research Institute of Green FinanceGreen Financial Innovations
Research   Institute of Rural Economy
Development and Rural Governance
Rural Economy; Agricultural Culture; Rural   Governance
Research   Institute of Network Economy and Rgional EconomyGreen Finance; Green Development; Network   Economy
College of Teacher EducationResearch Institute of  Regional Fundmental EducationTeacher's   Professional Development; Educational Administration;
Curriculum Construction
College of Foreign Languages and International EducationInstitute of Foreign Languages TechnologyTheoretical   and Practical Research on Foreign Languages Teaching;
Social Training; Translation and Business English