5. College of Business

College of Business (COB) was founded in 2001. At present, it offers 3 undergraduate programs, namely, Human Resource Management, Electronic Commerce and Internet Finance. COB also has 2 vocational programs, which include Human Resource Management and Logistics Management. Adhering to the concept of application-orientation and having development in its features, COB aims to cultivate application-oriented senior management personnel who can meet the needs of management and service on the forefront. COB deepens educational reform and gradually forms a complete system of education reform, so far it has train more than 3,220 graduates for the society. At present, COB has 900 students altogether. The first-time employment rate and contract signing rate of graduates rank among the top of the similar disciplines in Zhejiang Province for 5 consecutive years .

COB has a strong faculty team with 37 full-time educators, including 5 professors, 9 associate professors, with 9 of them holding a Ph.D degree. Among them, there are 10 candidates of the 151 Talents Project of Quzhou, 1 recipient of the Renowned Teachers of Universities and Colleges and 2 recipients of the Excellent Young Teachers of Universities and Colleges. COB has an Preponderant Discipline of Regional Economics at the university level and has 2 university-level research institutions, namely, Institute of Rural Economy and Rural Governance and Institute of Network Economy and Regional Development. Faculty members have launched 16 scientific research projects at the provincial level and above, and 40 projects at the university level and the municipal level; altogether they have published 6 monographs and more than 70 papers; they have won 18 honors at the university level and above.

COB has established Business Administration Experimental Center, which includes Integrated laboratory of Logistics and E-commerce, Enterprise Sandbox Simulation Laboratory, E-commerce Entrepreneurship Practice Base, Production Management Laboratory, Transportation Management Training Center, Warehouse Training Center, Internet Finance Laboratory, etc. Its floor space is up to 760 square meters with a total investment of 2.56 million RMB and 644 sets of experimental facility. Now COB has formed a relatively complete laboratory teaching system.

In recent years, the awards students have won in various types of provincial and national competitions, such as sand table simulation, statistical survey design, e-commerce, securities investment, career planning contest, and entrepreneurial plan contest, etc., add up to more than 70 times. More than 40 students have been admitted to prestigious universities at home and abroad, such as Liverpool University, Central China Normal University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Hainan University, Zhejiang University of Commerce and Industry, etc., for further study. COB students’ volunteer organization has won many honorary titles, such as the Provincial Advanced League Branch, the National May Fourth Red Flag Mission Branch, etc.


Undergraduate Programs:

1. Electronic Commerce

Major Courses:




Introduction to E-commerce,

Internet Marketing,

Online Trading and Online Retailing,

E-commerce System Analysis and Design,

E-commerce Website Construction and Management,

Rural E-commerce Basics,

Cross-border E-commerce Basics,

Image Capturing and Video Production,

Online Shop Operations,

E-commerce Job Skills Training,

Mobile Technology Development,

E-commerce Start-up Innovation Practice.


2. Internet Finance

Major Courses:

Introduction to Internet Finance,


Basic Python Programming,

Banking Management,

Internet Financial Asset Trading,

Data Analysis,

International Finance.


3. Human Resource Management

Major Courses:

Management Science,




Organization Behavior,

Introduction to Human Resource Management,

Human Resources Selecting and Evaluation,

Human Resources Training and Development,

Performance and Compensation Management,

Social Security,

Human Resource Management Laws and Regulations.