6. College of Teacher Education

The College of Teacher Education (CTE), with a century-long history of normal education, has developed into a college covering many disciplines featuring teaching and education, including literature, science, education, art and etc. Following the motto of nurturing “knowledgeable, disciplined and well-mannered, truth-seeking and assiduous” talents, CTE adheres to the commitment of serving Quzhou, especially the rural area of the city, to enhance its basic education and building CTE as an important base of teacher training and teaching and research of Zhejiang Province, western Zhejiang in particular. Besides, CTE is committed to the cultivation of application-oriented talents and improving the quality of teacher education. CTE consists of the following departments: Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics, Education Technology, Primary Education, Arts and Teaching Skills. They offer 6 undergraduate programs in Chinese Language and Literature (normal education), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (normal education), Primary School Education, Preschool Education, Musicology (normal education) and Visual Communication Design and 2 associate degree programs in Preschool Education and Preschool Education (five-year programs).

At present, the College has 119 full-time educators. Among them there are 10 professors, 42 associate professors, 52 teachers with a master degree or above, 15 doctoral degree holders included. The College, with a laboratory area of 5,000 square meters and more than 8 million worth of teaching equipment, has 4 centers including Teacher Education Training Center, Physics Experiment Center, Arts Training Center and Visual Communication Design Center. It has set up 32 stable education training bases by establishing long-term cooperative relationships with a number of high schools, primary schools and kindergarten.


Undergraduate programs:

1. Chinese language and literature (normal education)

Major Courses:

Modern Chinese,

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature,

Ancient Chinese Literature,


Introduction to Literature,

Ancient Chinese,

Foreign Literature,


Educational Psychology,

Chinese Language Curriculum and Teaching Theory,

Chinese Language Teaching Design.


2. Visual Communication Design

Major Courses:

The Modern Design Art History,

Introduction to Design,

Introduction to Communication Studies,


Introduction to Aesthetics,

The Film Post Production,

Computer Graphic Design,

Computer Three Dimensional Animation,

Font and Layout Design,

Information Design,

Logo and VI Design,

Illustration Design,

Book Binding Design,

Television Advertising,

Product Form Design,

3D Display Design,

Dynamic Visual Communication Design,

Stop Motion Animation.


3. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Major Courses:

Mathematical Analysis,

Advanced Algebra,

Space Analytical Geometry,

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics,

Ordinary Differential Equation,

Mathematical Modeling,

Complex Variable Functions,

Differential Geometry,

Elementary Number Theory,

Numerical Analysis,

Abstract Algebra,

Middle School Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching Theory.


4. Elementary Education

Major Courses:


Psychology Basis,


Advanced Mathematics,

College English,

Elementary Education,

Children Developmental Psychology,

Curriculum and Teaching Theory,

Principle and Practice of Elementary Class Management,

Elementary Chinese Teaching Designing,

Elementary Mathematics Teaching Designing.


5. Preschool Education

Major Courses:

Preschool Pedagogy,

Preschool Children Developmental Psychology,

Preschool Children Health and Care,

Preschool Education Research Methods,

Preschool Special Education,

Kindergarten Curriculum,

Preschool Language Education,

Preschool Health Education,

Preschool Music Education,

Preschool Art Education,

Preschool Education History.


6. Musicology

Major Courses:

Basic Music Theory,

Fundamental Vocal Music,

Basics of Piano,



Chorus and Conducting,

Song Practice,

Improvised Accompaniment,

Folk Music,

Physique and Dance,

Chinese Music History and Appreciation,


Educational Psychology,

Middle School Music Curriculum and Teaching Theory.