7. College of Foreign Languages and International Education

College of Foreign Languages and International Education (CFLIE), formerly known as the Foreign Language Section of the Quzhou Branch of Zhejiang Normal University, was founded in 1986. CFLIE now offers 2 undergraduate programs, namely, English Education and Business English. CFLIE consists of English Department, Business English Department and College English Department. Currently, CFLIE has 611 full-time students and in the past three years, both the enrollment rate of freshmen and the employment rate of graduates are over 97%.

CFLIE has a strong faculty. It consists of a team of full-time educators holding a master degree or a Ph.D. degree. There are 55 members in the faculty, including 50 full-time instructors and 2 international teachers. Among them, 45 members hold a master degree or a Ph.D. degree, which accounts for 93.75% of the faculty.

CFLIE attaches great importance to educational teaching reform and strives to improve teaching quality and enhance scientific research. In the past 5 years, more than 50 educational and scientific research projects have been undertaken by the college, including four projects at the provincial and ministerial level and 30 projects at the municipal level; over 100 articles have been published and 10 monographs and translation works have been completed.

CFLIE is well-equipped with up-to-date teaching facilities and good learning environment. Currently, it has 1 Foreign Language and Business Experimental Teaching Center and 10 long-term off-campus practice bases for students are teachers. The college library has a collection of more than 6000 volumes of books, various journals, and more than 40 kinds of professional magazines. Since the fundamental idea of the college is to scaffold students’ physical and mental development, every year, a variety of student activities such as “Foreign Language and Culture Festival” and “Sunshine Sports Week” are held.

CFLIE stresses the importance of teaching quality, giving the priority to students’ growth and achievements, paying close attention to the construction of discipline and major, acting on the principle of promoting the development of majors on the basis of disciplines. With an ever-renewed commitment to aggressiveness, inclusiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship, CFLIE will continue to participate in the growth of the students. Our great vision for the future development is committing to the cultivation of compound foreign language talents, dedicating to the service for local economic development, and making great efforts to join the line of the top Foreign Languages College.


Undergraduate Programs:

1. English Education

Cultivation Objective:

Based itself in Zhejiang province while facing the whole country and oriented by needs to reform the basic education and build the teaching personnel in the new age, this major aims at cultivating English teachers who will be qualified for the reform and development of the basic education, especially the secondary phrase education by equipping the students with noble morality and devotion to teaching, solid fundamental theoretical knowledge and basic professional skills in English, advanced capacity in English teaching, broad international vision, good literacy in humanity and science and high quality in innovation and self-development. With five or so years of practice in the education filed, the graduates can enhance their comprehensive ability needed for the job and achieve impressive performance in the reform and development of the basic education by taking a major role either in teaching or administration.   

Major Courses:

Integrated English,

Advanced English,

English Visual-Audio Course,

English Reading,

English Discourse and Communication,

English Phonetics,

English Grammar,

English Writing,

Translation Theory and Practice,

English Interpreting,


British and American Literature,

Introduction to English Speaking Countries,


Educational Psychology,

Japanese / German.


2. Business English

Cultivation Objective:

Business English major aims to develop students in an all-round way in terms of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics. They will be equipped with a solid basic English skills, broad international vision and good humanistic literacy through mastering the basic theories and knowledge of foreign language and literature, applied economics, business administration and international commercial law. They will have the abilities of business English application, cross-cultural communication, business practice as well as critical and innovative ability so that they are able to be engaged in international business after graduation.

Major Courses:

Integrated Business English,

Business English Reading,

Business English Audio-visual Course,

Business English Speaking,

English Writing,

Business English Oral Interpretation,

Business English Written Translation,

Advanced English,

Foreign Trade Theory and Practice,

Business Correspondence,

International Trade Documents,

Western Economics,

International Commercial Law,

International Business Negotiation,

International Marketing English,

Intercultural Business Communication,

Japanese / German.