Application fee: RMB 400 (Registration fee and procedure fee)


Textbook and teaching material: RMB 800 (Refund for any over-payment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency)



Non-degree program students:

General scholars: RMB 3,000 per month; RMB 7,000 per semester College prep students: RMB 7,000 per semester

Degree program students: RMB14,000 per academic year (Liberal arts);


RMB15,400 per academic year (Science and Engineering); RMB21,000 per academic year (Arts)


Accommodation fee: Twin room RMB 2,500 per academic year; Single room RMB 5,000 per academic year Insurance: About RMB 600 per year


Residence permit: About RMB 400 per year; about RMB 800 for more than 1 year Physical examination: About RMB 460


* The tuition and accommodation fee of short term cultural exchange programs will be formulated based on actual condition.